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Sensational recycled clothing art byGuerra de La Paz

guerra de la paz is the collective name for artists alain guerra and neraldo de la paz, two cuban
artists living in miami. the two create sculptural works and photographs which run the gamut from
textile assemblages to action figure portraits. their textile work is all made from unwanted clothing
that is assembled into abstract colour and form based works as well as literal forms such as
people and landscapes. from these discarded pieces they create vivid pieces which explore
material culture in contemporary society. other works include the g.i. joe portraits which recreate
iconic works of art such as the pieta and the last supper.


Artist Name: Pedro Lourenco
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Artist Name: Pedro Lourenco


Jul 31, 2014
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Michel Lamoller:  tautochronos

a research about the possibilities of melting several moments in time down into one. ongoing project.

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Notebooks by Palas Pandıras on Tumblr


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Néle Azevedo :Ice Men Figuriines in Belfast, Ireland

brazilian artist néle azevedo ,presented as part of the belfast
festival at queen’s university in northern ireland.
the artwork is a collection of hundreds of carved ‘ice-men’, ‘Monumento Minimo’, perched readily side by side on the steps of custom house in the city of belfast, a carefully prepared intervention that slowly thawed under the heat of the day. the figures sit slouched, with legs dangling – an oddly charming set of characters
full of aloof charisma. the project was selected by the curator of the event as a tribute to titanic victims,  the ephemeral artwork a powerful expression of  the transitory nature of life, and death.

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Vector Alphabets (90% off)

ere are a lot of decorative fonts and vector alphabets on the web, but even if you find one that suits your needs – you will have to customize it until you get the look you wanted. The package includes hundreds of hand-drawn letters and numbers divided in 19 of the most used categories, such as: retro, vintage, flat, minimal, origami, 3D, paper and not only.

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Needle felted finger puppets by PetitFelts

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Wooden Sculptures Express Vulnerability Through Holes by Paul Kaptein

Australian-based artist Paul Kaptein explores the notion of “now” in his wooden sculptures. While beautifully crafted, each piece has something strange about it. Notches and rectangular holes are cut into the figures and show that there’s emptiness to his subjects. His work is metaphor for the present and the uncertainty that goes with it.

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Lisa Adams: Surreal and Symbolic Paintings

Artist Lisa Adams creates beautiful paintings that express her inner feelings and her world view. She uses lots of details and allegorical symbolism to form her message that is yet to be unraveled by the viewer.

The self-taught artist spends several months on each oil painting, working 6 days a week in her isolated studio in Queensland, Australia

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The Giphoscope Award Trophy

The Giphoscope n. 47, displaying The Giphoscope Award winning GIF, is finally ready. The astonishing and mesmerizing winning GIF is a work by french artist Micaël Reynaud based on Summer Weather, a series of images by US photographer Michael Jang

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ph. jackie nickerson
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ph. jackie nickerson

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José Guízar (USA) via @Curioos by @windowsofny
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José Guízar (USA) 
via @Curioos by @windowsofny

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